What happened to our Poppy Creek Green Space bulletin board and carved sign?

moving-boardIt has been over a year since the kids and adults in our neighborhood first envisioned, designed and then built our community bulletin board and sign,  designated for the green space at the walk-through at Carr and King streets.    Despite support for this project from several city council members, as well as numerous dedicated city staff, we have not yet been allowed to install.  This project was created to bring positive attention to a neglected and frequently trashed piece of city property,  to build community, with a  focus on empowering neighborhood youth, and to encourage stewardship of the surrounding land and creek.  At this point, we are watching the original kids involved growing up as their project languishes….. and, as you can see, they are pissed!

Amaya, Kendra and Zephyr....in charge!

Posted November 22, 2013

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