The Pumpkin Project: Growing Season 2011

pumpkins from the children's garden:jardin de los ninosPicture the JC neighborhood overflowing with pumpkin plants! The Children’s Garden began when a neighborhood child expressed an interest in having a big neighborhood Halloween event in the fall, and it seemed like a good idea to grow our own pumpkins. As it turns out, we are growing so many things in the garden, that we don’t have enough room for all the pumpkins we want to grow. So we are distributing pumpkin seeds (along with sunflower seeds, since they go well together) to anyone who wants to be part of the pumpkin project. We also have pumpkin starts planted by the kids, to give away to anyone who would like to grow some, and then share them. Please let me know if you want seeds or plant starts.


Posted May 20, 2011

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