rainwater catchment and water conservation, creating an educational model for land and water stewardship

rainwater catchment tank with overflow pipe


Growing a Village/Cultivando un Pueblo, together with Daily Acts (dailyacts.org) and the city of Santa Rosa, recently collaborated on  a rainwater catchment and  water conservation project at a private residence in the junior college neighborhood, intended as a model for upcoming bilingual educational tours.

digging a raingarden that will support the overflow from the catchment tank seeping into the ground into the aquifer, as opposed to flooding the adjacent house or running off into the street.

here is a photo of the prior system, intended to prevent flooding of the home. This system was revamped and the new system conserves water while reducing flooding.

here is a seasonal wetland that was dug as part of the overall project, creating habitat for various creatures, and allowing what would have been floodwaters to eventually seep into the aquifer.

laying the pipes for directing the overflow from the catchment tank into a rain garden.

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Posted April 11, 2024