Recap of our May 12, 2011 Open House

We were treated to the music of a neighborhood teenagers band,  Les Bons Temps, and the drumming of our neighbors from Ghana, master drummer Adwoa Kudota, and her daughter Sena.  That was followed by the amazing Danza Azteca Coyolxauqui, who brought us all together in a circle dance of friendship.  Many  kids got a chance to try out playing the marimbas, made by a neighborhood instrument maker, and a large group of us learned to sing our new, collectively written theme song, Todos Juntos/All Together. The final act of the day was the children’s One World Ensemble, who wowed everyone with their beautiful songs from all over the world.


We had three different hands-on art stations, as well as an ecology table, where children had a chance to learn about, and get involved in growing food.  There were jugglers, “hoopers”, and  young artists galore.

We had over 120 people at our event, and served delicious, healthy, free food, prepared  by many volunteers, including a young chef, Ria Lopez.  So many people helped out in so many ways …..thank you!

Lastly, Growing a Village is a completely free-for-everyone program, but it is not free to run.  If you have any ideas  for fundraising, or any skills or experience in this area, please share them with us!  🙂

Posted April 4, 2011

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