Halloween/Harvest Party in Poppy Park

CIMG2154hallowee:poppy creekOur fall gatherings in the Poppy Creek Green Space (at the intersection of Carr St. and King St.) included a Poppy Creek clean-up, a planning gathering, and a Harvest/Halloween party that drew over 60 children and adults from our neighborhood.  At the party, folks made craft/goody bags (for distribution at the FISH food bank and for  neighborhood kids), we had storytelling by elders and children, a wild costumed dance with DJ Santiago and much more

There was great enthusiasm expressed by the children for another ‘clean the creek’ day, so we will set a date for one sometime this spring. A multitude of fabulous ideas were brought forward about how we might come together to make improvements on Poppy Park – ideas that could beautify the space and encourage our neighbors to help us keep the park cleaner, more beautiful, ecologically sound and fun to spend time in. We will discuss these with the appropriate Santa Rosa officials and see what we can move forward with.

Looking forward to gathering again in the spring, summer and fall!

Posted November 1, 2011

Ongoing Projects: Poppy Creek Clean-up and Park Stewardship

Location: Poppy Park, at the intersection of King and Carr Streets

Children in the neighborhood have expressed interest in Poppy Park (at the intersection of King and Carr, with the walnut trees and footbridge) and Poppy Creek, which runs through the Junior College neighborhood. On 9/23, over 20 children and almost as many adults gathered in the tiny park to discuss possible improvements to the area, as well as ideas for a costume Halloween party on Friday, 10/28 at the same spot. There were an abundance of unique and creative suggestions put forth!

Afterwards, we went on a walk following Poppy Creek with Alistair Bleifuss, Santa Rosa’s environmental specialist. We learned about how ordinary curbside litter gets washed into the creek when it rains. Our crowd was so enthusiastic about picking up litter from the park, the creek, and curbside, that Alistair left us several litter pick-up ‘claws’ so that we can keep on cleaning up year-round.

September 17-24 was Creek Week in Santa Rosa. For more info click here.

Posted October 20, 2011

Ongoing Projects: The Children’s Garden/Jardín de los Niños

Location: Northeast corner, Spencer and King Streets, behind a wooden fence with a
ladybug on the door.


We brought children’s art from our Open House to our new neighborhood Children’s Garden/Jardín de los Niños.   Children, along with parents and volunteers, have been gardening there three times a week ever since.  You are welcome to check out the garden whenever the gate is open, or ask Maj, the generous neighbor who shares this space with us, about possible work projects and times.

Posted June 20, 2011

The Pumpkin Project: Growing Season 2011

pumpkins from the children's garden:jardin de los ninosPicture the JC neighborhood overflowing with pumpkin plants! The Children’s Garden began when a neighborhood child expressed an interest in having a big neighborhood Halloween event in the fall, and it seemed like a good idea to grow our own pumpkins. As it turns out, we are growing so many things in the garden, that we don’t have enough room for all the pumpkins we want to grow. So we are distributing pumpkin seeds (along with sunflower seeds, since they go well together) to anyone who wants to be part of the pumpkin project. We also have pumpkin starts planted by the kids, to give away to anyone who would like to grow some, and then share them. Please let me know if you want seeds or plant starts.


Posted May 20, 2011