children’s community play, garden, art and learning space

welcome/bienvenidos!  everything in the space was either made or donated by neighbors.  children painted each prayer flag individually

some of the earliest creators of the community play space

the earliest version of the community play space, along with free fruit from the backyard

Together with neighborhood kids, families and elders,  a neighbor dedicated her front yard to be used as community space.  In the years that followed, it has been a place for music gatherings,  free garden produce offerings and native seed distributions, children’s art making and displaying, gardening, occasional spontaneous puppet shows, and a site for numerous random acts of kindness.   Mainly, it serves as a walkable destination in the neighborhood that brings people, and nature together, reducing dependence on cars for entertainment and connection. This summer, we will be adding more native and drought resistant plants to the area.


Posted June 5, 2018